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The Amateurs Association was founded in the fall of 1988 by members of the RHBAA that felt the need to give the Amateur’s a voice in the breed. The members wanted to help promote the breed and grow stronger. The Amateurs have provided funds that sponsor 5 state championship shows and to the Spring and Fall Celebrations every year. Also, the Amateurs have funded projects such as the new front gates to the Celebration Arena. The Amateurs’ president, Secretary and Treasurer are board members. Our current fund raiser is the ever popular “When Pigs Fly” game. The concept is to throw a foam stuffed ball that is shaped like a pig into a hula hoop in the center ring during the break each night of the Spring and Fall Celebrations. The Amateurs are always looking for new members and ideas to help promote our breed, so don’t be afraid to ask to join. We also have a Facebook page that anyone can follow to keep up with current news.


President : Adrian Rehkemper

270-841-7146    adrianrehkemper@rocketmail.com

Vice President : Curtis Thompson

Secretary : Lanette Toler

Treasurer : Aleshia Roberts


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