Racking Horse Breeders Association of America

Juvenile Auxiliary




The Juvenile Auxiliary Association is just one part of the Racking Horse Breeders of America Association that makes the association a family oriented source of fun.

The Juvenile Auxiliary is a place for the kids up to the age of 17 to come together and socialize with their peers; it is our hope that the Juvenile Auxiliary brings together kids who otherwise would not know one another.

We try to have events for the kids to participate in throughout the Spring Celebration as well as the World Celebration, to help keep the kids entertained and interested in our breed.

The Racking Horse Breeders Association also puts in classes for the auxiliary member to participate in as well as our regular line classes for the juvenile with the belief that if we as an association keep our youth interested in the racking horse that our future will have a long and healthy stay.


President: Nick Ellis

Chariman: Lora Holcome




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