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Speed Racking Association


The Speed Racking Association is an association that hopes to promote the speed racking horse and the Racking Horse Breeders of America, our association was formed in part to help give the speed racking horse a guideline in their performance. We hope to increase the participation and educate the exhibitors and fans of what is expected of a speed racking horse. We are a horse that is judged on speed, style and confirmation while exhibiting the gait of the rack, at no time should the horse lose its form and confirmation while performing the speed rack, it must still perform the three gaits of a racking horse, what are show walk, slow rack and fast rack in the most stylish manner possible. Is it the hope of this association along with the Racking Horse Breeders Association that this division grows and helps entertain the fans in the stands.


President : Josh Burchfield

Vice President : Jason Todd

Treasurer : Josh Burchfield

Secretary : Aleisha Roberts

Speed Racking Association Board of Directors 

Josh Burchfield 901-606-8579
Jason Todd 615-512-0433

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