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The National Futurity

 The National Futurity


I am the Best of the Best. My parents exemplified natural ability, quality breeding, showmanship, good temperament and ideal conformation. Those attributes define the National Futurity and set the standard for Racking Horses.

Because the National Futurity promotes the highest standards and finest Racking Horses, my breeders are assured that I can enter sanctioned horse shows with favorable competitive conditions. That means I can showcase my selective breeding at prestigious events including, most importantly, the opening performance of the Racking Horse World Celebration.


As I mature and my value increases, I become more focused on my competitive edge. My owners can now nominate me to compete with other National Futurity offspring in the weanling, yearling, two-year-old, three-year-old, country pleasure and youth handler divisions. For me to participate in the National Futurity, my sire and dam must have been registered in the Racking Horse Breeders’ Association of America stud book at the time of foaling. By June 30 of each year, my breeders/ owners must file the National Futurity Nomination Form with the RHBAA along with the fees for my sire, my dam and me. Fees go into a prize fund to be divided equally among the participants in the Futurity Divisions. If I participate on Futurity Night, I qualify for entry into my stake class during the last weekend of World Celebration.

In cooperation with the RHBAA, we are sponsored by the Futurity Breeders’ Association. Our Purpose is to enhance the National Futurity through selective breeding, educational programs, promotion and fellowship.

 We invite you to become a part of the Futurity Breeders’ Association thereby ensuring the development of quality Racking Horse.



 President : Ronnie Hooker

Email: thooker55@aol.com                  Number: 501-350-7457

Vice President : Gerald Campbell

Secretary : Aleisha Roberts

 Treasurer : Casey Bush

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