The Pleasure Association was developed as an organization with the RHBAA to provide a program for all family members of Racking Horse owners to enjoy.

Pleasure Association of RHBAA
Pleasure Association of RHBAA

Pleasure Association of RHBAA

The program includes many divisions and show classes; a selection of trail rides; sporting games; and promotional activities. The purpose of the program is to promote the utilization of the Racking Horse in all aspects of the pleasure industry.

The Racking Horse Pleasure Association offers programs and activities whether you are “On the Trail” or “In the Ring”. During our Fun Show at the World Celebration, you and your horse can participate in classes like Broom Polo and the Catalog Race. It is a great time to meet members and their horses and just play!

Racking Horse Breeders Association of America

Rack Across America

If you are strictly a trail rider, the Pleasure Association offers the“Rack Across America Program”. In this program you and your horse can log miles to achieve awards each year. You ride with your buddies and log up the racking miles!

Rack Across America

Pleasure Association of RHBAA

The Rack Across America (RAA) program is owned by the Pleasure Association of the Racking Horse Breeders’ Association of America. This program promotes safe trail riding and is a chance for a rider to “log” their hours of movement while on the trials.

The RAA program is not competitive but instead is just a log of you and your horse while trail riding. No hours can be counted during a competitive event.

Also, this program allows for riders who only have access to a riding ring but are not “training” their horse to also accrue hours. Examples would be someone who boards their horse, but doesn’t have access to trails; or children in a therapeutic riding program. In all cases, the horses must be RHBAA registered and the participants must be members of the Pleasure Association of the RHBAA.


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The RHBAA operates in conjunction with a Horse Industry Organization (HIO) to inspect horses before shows and sales.
The two largest shows for the Racking Horse are the Spring Celebration, held annually in April, and the World Celebration, held in late September. Both are held at the Celebration Arena in Priceville, Alabama.


Racking Horse Breeders Association of America
  • In 1971, Racking Horse enthusiasts formed their own group, the Racking Horse Breeders' Association of America (RHBAA), and their breed was recognized by the United States Department of Agriculture as separate from the Tennessee Walking Horse the same year.
The Racking Horse

The Racking Horse is a horse breed derived from the Tennessee Walking Horse, recognized by the USDA in 1971. It is known for a distinctive singlefoot gait.