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67 Horse Center Road, Suite B
Decatur, Alabama 35603
Phone...............(256) 353-7225
Fax...............(256) 353-7225
Email - info@rhbaa.com

The RHBAA operates in conjunction with a Horse Industry Organization (HIO) to inspect horses before shows and sales.
The two largest shows for the Racking Horse are the Spring Celebration, held annually in April, and the World Celebration, held in late September. Both are held at the Celebration Arena in Priceville, Alabama.


Racking Horse Breeders Association of America
  • In 1971, Racking Horse enthusiasts formed their own group, the Racking Horse Breeders' Association of America (RHBAA), and their breed was recognized by the United States Department of Agriculture as separate from the Tennessee Walking Horse the same year.
The Racking Horse

The Racking Horse is a horse breed derived from the Tennessee Walking Horse, recognized by the USDA in 1971. It is known for a distinctive singlefoot gait.